Care beyond color, sex orientation, religion.

Care beyond color, sex orientation, religion.

This message came through my nurses’ group chat today. I am not a Christian, but I find this very true, indeed!

two person doing surgery inside room
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Here’s the English translation 
”Definition of “hospital” … by the Pope.


“Hospital walls have heard more honest prayers than churches …

They’ve seen far more sincere kisses and kisses than at airports …

It is at the hospital that you see a homophobic being saved by a gay doctor.

The “patricinha” doctor saving the life of a beggar …

In the ICU you see a Jew taking care of a racist …

A police patient and a prisoner in the same ward receiving the same care …

A rich patient in the liver transplant queue ready to receive the organ from a poor donor …

It is at these times when the hospital touches the wounds of people that universes intersect on purpose
divine and in this communion of destinies we realize that alone we are nobody!

The absolute truth of people, most of the time, only appears at the moment of pain or the real threat of definitive loss “

Hospital, a place where human beings strip off their masks and show themselves as they are in their true essences.

Published by Chen Song Ping @ TPTan

Chen S.P. enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer.

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