The Strawberry generation

The Strawberry generation

happy diverse female coworkers giving high five after successful deal
The strawberry generation (Photo by Alexander Suhorucov on

I like reading comments by bloggers. Here’s one with high expectation!


‘Yes… I hope kids as they grow to be teens and young adults continue to have tenacity and grit. So far they have been named strawberry generation, which is not good… sigh! ‘


Some of our children exceed our expectation. Some do not.

Do we ourselves exceed our parents’ expectation?

Published by Chen Song Ping @ TPTan

Chen S.P. enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer.

8 thoughts on “The Strawberry generation

  1. Sometimes the kid that you expect to exceed your expectation will not.But the kid that you think will be average
    or above average will exceed your expectations. We cannot challenge our God.


  2. Well, we can turn things on its head a bit here when we look at the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever. Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army home for children that influenced much of his life. He said it was representative of his childhood: on the outside foreboding but once he climbed over that wall, full of wildflowers and secretive gardens. Apparently in 1980 he explained his childhood thinking: “There was something wrong with me, I thought, because I seemed to see things other people didn’t see.” I think that is the same with our youngest generation because of what they see and we need to be a bit more patient with that (me included)!


  3. Today our Dy Prime Minister shared a new phrase – children of future are trail blazers as we overcome Covid. Also 3 Cs – caring for a wider community , creating more value for society and caring for the environment.


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