We Are Expecting!

We Are Expecting! by Glitteryguts

Proud Big Brother To Be! Mr.Biggles! Super late in updating my blog on all the news and changes we have had the past few months! As you can see in the picture of our proud boy Biggie, we are expecting our rainbow baby in October this year! This week I am 16 weeks (12/05) and […]

Glitteryguts shares her experience being pregnant and having a stoma. Please read on here at We Are Expecting!


  1. Mr. Biggle is surely feeling nice to be big brother.


    1. This is a re-blog from Glitteryguts!


      1. … very nice and cute, Chen.


      2. Thank you for dropping by!


  2. HensBlooms says:

    Congratulations and everything of the best!


    1. Thanks to Glitteryguts…


  3. Siva jyothi says:

    Lol, so it got born younger Bro 😂😂


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