Pizza: how many slices do you want?

Pizza: how many slices do you want?

A light Sunday humour with pizza!

person holding brown and red pizza
Pizza (Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on


When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.- Yogi Berra


“… no need to cut because this is a personal sized pizza. Any growing-up teenager can finish that one whole piece! ” – this would probably be my son’s response!


      1. Thank you for the applause and yes I learned from grandmother many years ago she was from Italy and could cook incredibly well all the homemade foods and dishes!

        The pizza was delicious and so your timing with this article was uncanny as my being in the mood for pizza just popped up at this same time I see your article!

        I hope you are enjoying them so much too! Take care my friend.


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