Caning? Who has never been caned before?

Caning? Who has never been caned before?

“He used to cane his sons when they were young. But he would never allow them to cane his grandchildren!”

young black father edifying calm son at home
Punishment? (Photo by Monstera on

“My daughter-in-law would never use a cane. She uses the silent treatment: Stand at the corner.”

“My mother is the disciplinarian at home. Daddy is too busy… But we love her for what she is!”

“We used to hide the feather duster…”

“… If you cane me, I will report to the police!” coming from a pouting eight years old, next door kid! He heard another neighbour warning his mother, after taking away a wooden plank from his mother’s hand the last time.

“Mum, you used to cane me. That is why I am disciplined and successful in life!”

“My boys used to fight. It would be a five cane on each hand for both of them. Funnily, my daughter never need to be caned at all!”



My brother said that at Eton, students were told caning builds character. I suppose girls are caned less because we aren’t thought to have much character.””Which is the sort of thing males say when they don’t know any women. – Mary Jo Putney



  1. My family did no caning, but my parents sent me to a high school that paddled us. Count me against the practice.


  2. equipsblog says:

    Interesting observations.


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