When your son is 40 and has autism …

When your son is 40 and has autism

I saw this clip in Facebook. Many parents with special children will be able to relate with Duane’s parents. Their concern is who will look after him when they are gone one day.

Do view this video here.



In my old age, it is a joy to have a son like him around….- Duane’s dad.


  1. Long way for my youngest. He’s turning five this Nov and my son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 yrs old. As a parent, I can so much relate with this greatest fear and i hope my son will be able to cope up and become independent too just like Duane. He’s a blessings indeed and we always choose to stay positive. God bless the family and stay safe!


  2. This video touched my heart and also gave me a good cry. My son is a long ways from 40 but we often think a lot about his future. Duane’s parents are lovely strong people and he seems like a lovely individual too.


  3. I Chen… So very touching, something most of us take for granted! I would be so worried if I knew someday I pass on and leave a challenged childlike son or daughter to a system that will make them sad or hurt them not being able to replace the loved and loving parent! Thank you we should all realize and count our blessings!
    God bless you and yours.


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