Can you find my temper?

Can you find my temper? (A Senryū)

beauty blur cold cute
It’s brewing…(Photo by Pixabay on

Step on her again?

Watch out, her temper’s brewing!

don’t let her lose it!


Note this aunt’s advice

“When she is angry with you

Don’t fan the fire!”

… least it explode!


‘Don’t fan the fire’ means don’t argue back, go hide in your room, or go out for a walk. Talk when things cool down!


“When I lose my temper, honey, you can’t find it any place.”
― Ava Gardner

“When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, an hundred.”
― Thomas Jefferson

“When anger rises, think of the consequences.” — Confucius

Published by Chen Song Ping @ TPTan

Chen S.P. enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer.

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