boys screaming
Sing a song of freedom (Photo by Patrick Case on


The following poem is about music as a plausible and healing therapy. Especially for those incarcerated in mental hospitals, prisons, or immigrant centers. A notable concept is Making music, healing souls including Sing Your Heart Out (SYHO), and Finding sanity through songs.

 Sing a song of freedom
Sing a song of freedom
 breaking through four walls
 is a light; a beacon
 In immigration detentions
 prison or hospitals
 do buoy up musical extensions
 Rehearse a song
 for sanity sake
 all day long.
 Sing your heart out (SYHO)
 as loud as you want
 even if you carry no clout.
 Adopting therapy in music
 as a tool for recovery
 Keeping minds clear; lucid
 So, do sing a song of freedom
 finding sanity through songs
 to free the mind of demons
 for one with no intent of treason.
                        Chen Song Ping, 18 Jan 2021

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