Hobby: cartoons or portraits?

Hobby: cartoons or portraits?

A half- portrait on my wrist- Chen Song Ping

I usually prefer to sketch cartoons ( my example) to illustrate some of my posts, as well as lectures.

Yesterday, my sister sent me portrait drawings on wrists and back of hands. They were so realistic and beautiful ( see picture below).

I decided to try a half- portrait on my wrist ( see picture above). It was fun!

the drawing on a hand+ sent to me the day before.



No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.Julia Cameron


  1. You’re right they are very realistic and beautiful!
    Hobbies are good as an outlet to keep us sane at times, and even keep us out of trouble! β€œAn idle mind is the devil’s playground!”
    Take care and have some fun! Enjoy!

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