When lockdowns are off…

When lockdowns are off… (A Haiku)

photo of pod of dolphins
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com
When lockdowns are off... 
They will be at it again
discharge and pollute!

Spew greenhouse gases
more litters, draining sewers
Beings in sea choke!

ironically cleanses
the environment!

The lockdowns are an experience globally! We learned to do almost everything online;- shopping, schooling, working from home, and more readings. I think a number of restless ones like me have gone into blogging!

With the industries shutting down, the rivers and seas seem cleaner. Will the water pollution come back again?


  1. eunice says:

    Adorable picture there.


  2. haoyando says:

    LOL. Yes, lockdown has its positive impact on the environment.


  3. Last summer, I saw the so many turtles shoreline. I have never seen that amount of them ever!!!Now, tourists are back and starting back to the normal here where I live….


    1. Lovely! They should observe the turtles from a distance!


  4. tndos says:

    Although lockdown had its disadvantages, it helped decrease pollution a lot. We could breathe clean air for a short while its unfortunate that things are going back to normal


    1. I think it is the same in many countries to see cleaner rivers and seas.


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