Two emergencies of bleeding

Two emergencies of bleeding

person in white pants and brown leather shoes standing on gray concrete floor with pink petals
Injured her foot. (Photo by cottonbro on

Little Tom fell from his bicycle.

Everybody at home panicked.

“He is bleeding a lot … a lot! Can you come home, mum?” the older brother cried.

“Listen, boy. Go get a clean towel from the cupboard. Cover the wound. Press to stop the bleeding. Just press. Daddy will be back in a few minutes. I will meet you all at the emergency department.”


Nurse Chen went back to attend to her two patients. The doctors and nurses were hanging blood, pack after pack, only to see more blood being vomited and passed out. The resuscitation went on for these two regular patients who had cirrhosis liver and bleeding oesophageal varices.

Nurse Chen informed the ER staff to expect her son. He had five stitches on his foot.


Both are emergencies. The amount blood loss varies. But the perception of ‘a lot of blood loss’ is very real in both contexts!

Published by Chen Song Ping @ TPTan

Chen S.P. enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer.

7 thoughts on “Two emergencies of bleeding

  1. One person’s emergency is another person’s minor event–depending upon their reaction to whatever has happened. But sometimes they underestimate the real severity of the wound.


  2. 💜 As a Rugby Player who had a wine glass smashed in to My Forehead EveryOne I Totally Get This; it’s The Internal “Bleeding” that We Cannot SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) that is The Deadlier “Bleeding”…because Observing “Bleeding” from Blood Rich Capillaries and Other Surface Blood Vessels, especially The Forehead, Panics People…then The Checks for Internal “Bleeding” ARE OverLooked because The Focus is Entirely on Stemming The External “Bleeding” from Surface Blood Vessels



      1. 💜 Probably Plenty SupaSoulSis, the “Cranium” NEEDS!!! a Lot of Blood EveryOne; concussion is only an issue because people get smarter as more blood flows to the brain; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Rugby is a Game for Thugs Played by GentleMen and Soccer is a Game for GentleMen Played by Thugs…as for Girly Games, Sport like Netball; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Have NO!!! Idea



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