Crossing rivers in ‘our country’

Crossing rivers in ‘our country’

Crossing rivers in ‘ our country’ is about how some governmental policies fail.

Rocks in river (Photo by Pixabay on

Here is a story.

Many centuries ago, there was a country named ‘Our country’.

People in group A has to jump over at least ten rocks to cross rivers for daily economic survival.

Of course, some in group A were not as skilled or resourceful. They suffered and were left behind economically… embittered.

Group A was a side-product of this governmental policy.


This governmental economic policy aimed to help people in Group B. It allowed them to use bridges provided on these rivers.

Group B was an intended product of this governmental policy.


One season, monsoons came thundering and lashing mercilessly. Flash floods destroyed many bridges and homes.

Life had to continue. Most of group A people continued to cross the rivers of life as they used to.

But many people… in group B were left stranded and lost. They were handicapped without the bridges. Only a few strong ones were able to adapt to the situation- jumping over those rocks.


In ‘our country’, people voted the government. But somehow certain policies undermine their intended service to the people as a whole…in a country called ‘ Our country’.


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  1. Vic Crain says:

    “The law of unintended consequences.” We need to talk about that more. Both corporations and government are subject to that unwritten law.

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