Big man, ‘small heart’!

Big man, ‘small heart’!

So much hype about vaccination in recent days. This reminds me of an incident many years ago.

There was this big-sized policeman in an emergency department. He was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident. When the nurse was about to give him an injection on his arm, he jumped out of his bed.

“No, no, no! Not on my arm… maybe my buttock. But wait, wait first!” It took some time before he exposed his back.

person holding injection
Are you afraid of injection? (Photo by on

“No, no, no! Wait first!” He pulled back his pants.

“OK, let me wipe the skin first. I won’t give you the injection until you are ready. I will wait for you to count up to ten… slowly. Alright, start counting. Open your mouth wide and count!”

“…nine, ten!” And the nurse was already clearing her tray.

He asked, “are you not going to give me the injection?”

“Given already!” The nurse smiled at him as she walked away.

His wife apologized, “sigh! Such a big man, but such a small heart!”


  1. It’s funny what different people are afraid of. I’m not afraid of blood or needles, but I am terrified of cockroaches and other scary bugs, even when they are already dead!


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