Private hospital clients: we pay, so don’t make my mother…

Private hospital clients: we pay, so don’t make my mother…

In a private hospital (Photo by Erkan Utu on

Ten days after

a major ostomy surgery,

Mimi’s mum was in so much pain!

“It’s already four hours.

Can you give her

another injection for pain?”

Mimi’s sister interjected,

“… And remember, we pay,

so don’t make

my mother moves!

Attend to her in bed!”


Ms Chen happened to do student

assessments in that hospital.

The nurses complained to her because

they knew this patient had a stoma

which is Ms Chen’s field.


Ms Chen found her abdomen

was so distended,

the skin was pulling

on the main suture line.

No wonder she was

in so much pain!


Gently coaxing her,

Ms Chen wound up her bed halfway,

“ouch, ouch, ouch..”


” bloop, bloop, bloop!”

Her stoma bag became full

with flatus!

We had to open the bag cover

to release the gas.

Ms Chen continued to wind up

the bed upright.

And more flatus came out

into her stoma bag

which was emptied another two times.

“Ah…I feel so much better now!”

She was relieved

as her abdomen was softer then.


Later we got her to sit out of bed.

I heard she didn’t need

the four hourly injection, thereafter.

She understood the importance

of ambulating after that painful episode!


When I was attached to an Australian hospital, an obese woman with similar abdominal surgery was wheeled into the bathroom for a refreshing shower on the third day post operation! A plastic sheet was taped to cover her wounds and stoma. ( Our Asian clients here will need some persuading to get out of bed for a shower in a bathroom!)

Nurses (especially in private hospitals) need to be firm when necessary, in caring for their clients to prevent complications. After an abdominal surgery, even the guts get lazy!

Peristalsis of the guts help to expel gas from the large intestines. Otherwise the abdomen gets bloated. It can be very painful when the skin pulls on an abdominal wound.


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