When a non- Japanese got lost in Yokohama

When a non- Japanese got lost in Yokohama

smiling couple navigating with map on city street
Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com
Ravethy and I couldn't find 
the way back to our hotel.
The road signs then
were all in Japanese. 
Even the road map brochure
was of no help.
And, it was getting darker.

We were delighted 
when we saw a man in uniform.
He was very happy to help;
rattling away to me 
(in Japanese) 
both palms together 
pointing forwards,
then his right hand
 directing to the right... 
brushing aside my attempts 
with crossed hands 
and shaking head
to say I did not understand!
Sigh! We stood by
the road side again!
The baseball game was over at a nearby stadium. We were lucky to find a fellow Singaporean to explain the route to us. It was only a ten minutes walk away! That was in the 1990s. *******

Four years ago, I went back again to Japan. I found that more Japanese people could speak English. The signs and maps seem easier to read. I learned to speak some simple Japanese, too!

The uniformed man had mistaken me for a Japanese. Last week a fellow blogger addressed me as a Korean! Not long ago another thought I was a Taiwanese!

A face and a name can be misleading!

I am from Malaysia! My ancestors were from Hainan island, China.



  1. Haha! Yes, I remember when I lived in USA, I was Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese or Korean. Not Singaporean – in 1990s Lil Red Dot was an unknown and thought to be a part of China LOL!


      1. Yes, she is and she has come a long way since colonial days with thanks to the late founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his cabinet ministers back then.


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