Students and their emotional baggage.

Students and their emotional baggage.

group of people wearing face mask
Young students and their emotional baggage (Photo by cottonbro on

I have taught diploma nursing students as well as degree and working nurses. The former group seems to have more unresolved issues than the latter. I got them to write an essay about their family and discovered the amount of emotional baggage some of them carried!

“I hate my lecturer parents! They are so strict! I have to go back home before 10.00 pm, and I can’t stay overnight at my friends’ house!” Some of the classmates agreed. But some explained that her parents were strict because they loved her! Now she is a successful entrepreneur and has teenaged children herself!

“My father used to beat us at home. He died of cancer when we were young. If God can give me my father back, I don’t mind being beaten a thousand times every day!” This girl got the whole class crying, including me! Now she is a nurse manager. She has two young boys.


  1. “Emotional baggage is like the dead skin of a snake. If you don’t shed it, how can you grow emotionally?” ― Khang Kijarro Nguyen
  2. “…anger helps us repel forces that are detrimental to our survival and well-being.”- Dalai Lama



      1. I felt like crying very sad.There are so many things that we do not know when we were young.


      2. I became emotional with the story about the father who died from cancer and she wish that her father is still alive. That is my wish for my brother and I cried every day like I am doing right now sending you this message.


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