COVID-19, new social and environmental phobias.

COVID-19, new social and environmental phobias.

elderly people slowly going up the stairs
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Try not to use the lift;
confined space, poor ventilation!
Let walk up, it's healthier!😐

Try to avoid crowded area;
social distancing, 
let not go at peak hours!

Sigh, these people on the next table are talking so loud and non- stop!
(They took off their masks because they are supposed to be EATING!)
Let move to another table further away!
Avoid close contacts!


The daily COVID-19 number is not receding yet.

Subconsciously, I find that I am developing new phobias.



  1. I really wish we had not had freedom day in July in England. We had got used to wearing masks in shops and in public transport so why stop. I wear a mask as I’m having chemotherapy and others do, but many people do not and it does not help to see members of parliament crowded into the House of Commons most of them unmasked.

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