The first cries

The first cries

Newborn (Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on


moons of snuggling and swimming in the comfort of mum’s womb

suddenly, being yanked out into cold, cold, unfamiliar handlings!

scrunching up the little face, hands clenched, kicking lower limbs,

loud shrieks fill the room

I remember a horrified hawker’s cry many years ago,

“another girl? This will be my eighth girl! My mum- in-law will make my hubby divorce me!”

Otherwise, boy or girl, it’s usually a warm welcome

… for a newborn!



  1. That’s such a beautiful moment. I have a friend who’s mother gave birth to three girls before she got a boy. She gave a big sigh of relief and gave the boy a nickname, “Last One”.

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