A jewel in the medical tourism sector

A jewel in the medical tourism sector

A hidden jewel in Malaysia’s medical tourism (Photo by Yulia on Pexels.com)

In the early 2000, my student presented her case study on robotic surgery in urology… Oh, a robot operates?

My friend flew in and flew back with a higher, well defined nose and discreetly, slimmer! “Where are the wounds, … hardly noticeable!” So I observed as we went around visiting some scenic places and tucking in some favorite local cuisines, especially in Penang.

When I had presentations in nearby countries, I would ask the the team of Japanese or Korean staff interpreters how to greet in their languages.

And practiced for days how to say “Ohayōgozaimasu” and “Annyeonghaseyo”!

Indonesians form a bulk of these clients, but language is not a problem. Malaysian and Indonesian languages are almost the same. There is a pool of other interpreters to assist the healthcare staff.

The most noticeable is the presence of Philippines and Europe trained nurses among our locally trained nurses. But I don’t see any Indonesian nurses working here. Probably it is because their training curriculum is different from ours. Our founding nursing ‘ancestors’ were from the British colonial times.

So for years, Malaysia has already been poised to be a significant medical tourism centre,

…. a hidden jewel in medical tourism!


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  1. Malaysia is a country I know so very little about, other than the delicious cuisine and the building features in the Sean Connery film Entrapment. It’s interesting to learn that medical tourism is a thing in Malaysia!


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