Perhaps, Covid19 is nature’s remedy…

Watching turtles during sunrise in Port Dickson – Courtesy of Toh HL

Perhaps, Covid19 is nature’s remedy…

The sky and sea are bluer than ever before, with the lockdown in place and reduced human activities. Even the sunsets appear more splendid and brilliant. I saw 6 turtles bobbing up and down in the sea just a week ago. Perhaps the reduction in pollution makes it right for them to seek a place nearby to lay their eggs. Who knows?

Perhaps, Covid19 is nature’s remedy for the pollution and destruction we have wrecked on Mother Earth. It’s time for humans to cooperate to conserve the Earth’s resources. Pollution is increasing, sea levels are rising, global warming is becoming a threat, floods and tornadoes are more rampant. There can’t be economic prosperity when Mother Earth is dying.

by Co-author Toh HL


“… I saw 6 turtles bobbling up and down in the sea, just a week ago.”

“.. you’re supposed to stay at home during this pandemic!”

“… from my balcony.” (by the seaside!)


Quote: I like this statement!

Perhaps, Covid19 is nature’s remedy for the pollution and destruction we have wrecked on Mother Earth. ” – Co-author Toh HL , from Port Dickson



  1. I remember in the early days of the pandemic reading the articles about China during lockdown and how the skies were clear again. Mother Nature definitely has a way to reset and balance things, so there could very well be some truth in this.

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  2. I also think it is one of nature’s way to thin down its topmost enemy, that is we humans. Only that with so many whom we know dying, it leaves one thinking, will humanity be behaving in the same senseless and proferiering way when all of this is over, or will we have learnt our lesson.


  3. The sky is blue now than before, the turtles are celebrating. COVID19 PANDEMIC brought in lots of ugliness but also brought so many changes. You can now buy anything online. Let me say almost anything.


    1. With fewer people out in the open and less industrialisation, the streets and rivers are cleaner. Many in the ocean were dying from swallowing plastics. That’s why Covid-19 is perhaps nature’s remedy to pollution and destruction. But you are right, we can purchase almost anything online!


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