Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

person sitting on wheelchair

Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

I am not proud to write this post.

When friends called for help; 
that their loved ones 
were discharged from hospitals 
with a pressure ulcer...

" My mum is bedridden.
Please keep her dry and turn regularly.
... to prevent her skin from breaking down."

"This is too demanding, impossible;
... cos we're short-staffed!"

What is right is not always popularly done.

Yet, some hospitals are able to maintain a zero pressure-ulcer rate
among their bedridden clients.

"I have been in a wheelchair since five years ago
and I don't have any pressure ulcer on my butt.
Know what?
The therapist showed me a picture- 
an ugly pressure ulcer!!!
I work hard not to develop one!"

"We took turns to look after 
our mum in hospital.
Changing her when she is soiled, 
turning her regularly 
with the help of the staff."

What is popularly done, is not always right.

Some unfortunately, 
did develop pressure ulcers 
during their stay in a hospital. 
 Prevention of pressure ulcers 
is a multidisciplinary responsibility 
(Physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, nurses), 
although nurses play a significant role. 

Do you agree that the family members and carers should have a role in pressure ulcer prevention too?

"A pressure ulcer should not be allowed to develop in the first place. 
Cos it would take another long journey to healing that 'wound'!"



      1. πŸ’œ I Quit Pharmaceuticals, Docs, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals a Few Years Ago in Favour of My a Return to My Childlike State AutoImmune System; there was a single polyp period from my bum, my skin flake like a snake then rejuvenate, my dry lips who then moisten ThemSelves…so, Point Being, CHOOSE!!! Medical Intervention that May Kill YOU!!! or Let Mother Nature Take HER!!! Course; or Die Slowly…so, My Mom, a Retired Medical Expert, was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014 and Refused Treatment as SHE!!! Knew that There ARE No Cures, just Prolonged SUFFERING!!! SHE’S!!! still Here Today



  1. Yes, I think that relatives and friends should have more input. Hospitals could put on basic training for them and they could not only help their own relatives but others too.


  2. “This is too demanding and impossible cos we are short staff”.That is wrong. Bedridden patients should be turned every two hours and prn while in bed and every one hour while in the wheelchair. This is for pressure redistribution and for patient comfort. Pressure ulcer is very painful, expensive to cure,very uncomfortable for patient and family. Body image disturbance related to skin integrity.And patient should have heel protectant while in bed.This is for offloading.


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