Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels

If there is a post I MUST write in this life-time for many managers out there, this is the one.

My secretary held her phone away from her ear. Manager X was screaming at her. I went to his department to talk to him. He had a history of hypertension on medications. The consequences could have been worse than what happened to a young me as I narrated it to him.


Three timid-looking students came to me.
“Can we practice taking vital signs on you?”
“Yes, of course!”
Just then, another two students stood in front
to report that they were not ready to present a role-play
which was assigned the day before.
I felt my face getting warmer, and
my pressure rising…
“When I come up to class, you shall present!

They ran up to prepare. (The whole night, they couldn’t think of

how to do the skit. Ironically, in 30 minutes they could!)


“Alright, come, girls!”

I rolled up my sleeve for the girls in waiting.

The first girl took my blood pressure twice.

She whispered to her colleagues.

The other two took turns to take my blood pressure.

“It’s 190/120mmHg!”

“Are you sure? My normal readings are around 110/60mmHg!”

I took over the stethoscope, “OK, pump!”

Looking worried now… they were right.

(Both my mother and my maternal grandmother

had hypertension and a stroke!)

It was a wake-up call for me. A turning point!

A few months later, a colleague lecturer commented,

“I notice nowadays you are very calm. I seldom see you getting angry!

You are like a 360-degree change!”

Three decades on, my blood pressure is still within a normal range.

Thanks to those three angels!

Whenever I meet someone losing his or her ‘cool’,

I will tell him that the one (s) he is angry at,

will not come to change his pampers or feed him

if he collapses with a stroke or heart attack!



A lot of people in my family have high blood pressure. Dre told me I better start hitting the gym…so I took his advice.   – Warren G.

Reaction about pressure: The harder one throws a ball, the harder it will bounce back.’. – Chen S.P.


  1. 💜 I Have Quit Medical Advice and Attention in Favour of Experimenting with My AutoImmune System EveryOne; three years ago at My Final GP Attendance SHE!!! said “YOUR!!! Blood Pressure is HIGH!!! may I Check YOUR!!! Carotid Blood Vessels with My Stethoscope?” I, Being Acquiescent, Dutifully Obliged…it was interesting to SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) The Delighted Shock on HER!!! Face as SHE!!! Pronounced Me Normal But NOT!!! Normal



      1. 💜 Basically My Doc was saying that given my high blood pressure there may be a problem with my blood vessels; so she checked and was surprised that there were no problems with the blood vessels but was still somewhat puzzled about the high blood pressure…so I explained to her that I am Energetically Evolving; which means My Physical Body is Merging with My Light Body, Activated in My Solar Plexus, from The InSide Out…like for example Astral Projection; also Dreams, ergo, We Have Six Plus Senses and External Energy Centres that some call Chakras…also means I drink red wine all day SupaSouBro; sleeping lots too



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