Waiting for his mechanic boy…

Waiting for his mechanic boy…

repairing vehicles (Photo by Malte Luk on Pexels.com)

Visitors were leaving bidding goodbyes, and kissing hands of their elderly kins.

A weak and forlorn-looking old man waited patiently at the door with clutched hands, looking at the long corridor leading from the lifts.

A young bespectacled teenager came running along the corridors. The patient’ s face lit up.

The boy’s dusty mechanic overall was smeared with black oil. His sweaty breath oozed heavily as he panted smilingly.

As they sat down to share food from a tiffin carrier, the security was already on his round with his baton reminding visitors to leave.

“My boy just finished his ‘O’ level’ exam. He became the bread winner as I was unwell. There are just the two of us in the family.”

“They won’t issue a pass because I am not so ill apparently ( not bed-ridden). He finished work at five pm. He rushed through the traffic jam to reach here. The security must have held him up a bit before allowing him to come up.” The old man explained sadly.

A pass was issued explaining their situation. His presence was very important to the patient’s emotional well-being…in fact, for both of them.


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