I had a dream

adult book boring face
I had a dream. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last night I had a dream. I went bowling. I had many strikes and spares! Then the first thing I read this morning was ‘ no dream‘!

Then I would like to add on;

I had a dream, a series of ‘things’,
to carry on in blishful blinks.
If you see the wonders, of a fairy tale,
if you see the devils, in the darkness spell.
I believe in angels, that protect us in the realm of a dream,
‘cos in a dream, a dream’s a dream…

-Serena Chen@TPTan, 24 Dec 2020-


  1. Would be adventurous to fall asleep on a tree branch.

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  2. Ab says:

    I often believe that dreams are the connection point between our lives and the spiritual realm.

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