Karuna and metta

Karuna and metta

pink water lily flower on water
Karuna and metta (Photo by Diego Madrigal on Pexels.com)

I used to be very active doing voluntary works. I don’t seek them. Somehow, one gets drawn to these activities. “Can you help us with this cancer awareness project?” “Would you like to sit in our committee?”

When my son became unwell during his adolescence period, I slowed down these works. Because charity begins at home.

There was a time when I used to ask this question: “Why me”?, “Why my son?” I meditate. I read a lot trying to understand life purposes. It had been a long journey.

“I don’t understand how you can be so patient with him!”

One will, when one happens to reach this bridge…



Compassion is a feeling of concern for others who are suffering and therefore makes a person want to do something to help. In Buddhism, compassion is called karuna.

Another one of the Four Sublime States is metta, or loving kindness. It is important as Buddhists want to develop this quality in order to help others to be free from suffering.


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