Have you seen the moon?

Have you seen the moon?

architecture area bay bridge
Have you seen the moon? (Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com)

I read from others’ posts about the pink super moon. So I was looking for it since yesterday. But the sky is still cloudy! This poem is inspired by the song “Have you ever seen the rain?

Someone told me yesterday
about the pink and super moon

I know! I’ve been looking for some time

The sky is dark and so cloudy
I can’t see the super moon
You know! The big and pink super moon?

I want to know!
Have you ever seen the moon?
the big and pink super moon!

Yea, I want to know
if it’ll come out tonight
the big and pink super moon!


  1. haoyando says:

    Beautiful picture and poem.


  2. Ab says:

    Maybe it’s cuz of social media, but I am more attuned in recent years to the Moon. Very beautiful when big and full and super size.

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    1. And imagine Chang er is still somewhere on the moon!

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  3. The moon is so beautiful but hard to capture on camera!

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  4. Christy B says:

    I can imagine this as a song! Also, pink is my favorite color 🙂


    1. Glad you liked them! 🙏🙏🙏


  5. A nice post. Just letting you know I pulled out my guitar and played Have You Seen The Moon? Your lyrics fitted perfectly 😊


    1. How I wish I can hear it! 🙏🙏🙏


    2. Dear Chen Song Ping @ TPTan,

      Hello! I concur with seankfletcher about your post.
      Therefore, I would like to celebrate the super pink moon and resonate with your photos with my post entitled “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…with Clair de Lune“, which you can access by clicking the featured post in the Home page of my blog.

      Happy May to you and seankfletcher soon!


      1. SoundEagle, your post along with this piece of music by Debussy is wonderful. And Happy May to you too!


      2. Dear seankfletcher,

        I am delighted that my post has entertained you, and therefore look forward to receiving your feedback at your earliest convenience, given that your previous comment also pertains to my post entitled “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…with Clair de Lune“. You could simply copy and paste your previous comment to the comment section in my said post, and perhaps add more if you have something extra to convey. Thank you in anticipation.

        I hope that you have taken the opportunity to watch the five-minute video of Music Animation with Dynamic Visualization on the big high-resolution screen of your desktop or laptop computer.

        May you have a lovely weekend!


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