Big pie, small pie matters…economically

Mum, I want a piece of the pie, too!

Big pie, small pie matters…economically

In a Town A, there were five bakers. Each employed five apprentices. So there were twenty five apprentices in employment.

Two bakers were not happy with the town mayor’s new rules and taxation policy. They decided to go to another town B to set up their business. So there was less opportunity for employment in town A.

Now in town B, there are eight bakers, creating more job opportunities there! So the youths from town A moved to town B to seek employment.

This is a simple analogy of businesses, job opportunities for the youths, and supplies meeting demands economically.

Don’t kill the geese that lay the golden eggs, then there will always be enough pies to go around for everyone!

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  1. Ab says:

    An important lesson for sure and speaks so truthfully to modern lifeā€¦ modern city life for sure.

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