Bedridden: where danger lurks beneath the blanket!

Bedridden: where danger lurks beneath the blanket! ( Haiku)

man in blue shirt holding woman in blue dress
Bedridden (Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Clots in brain removed,

blood in condom drainage seen.

Head bandage intact.


Two nurses sponged him.

Doctors checked his head dressings.

He’s neatly tucked in.


But right leg swollen!

Three times the size of left leg!

Who noticed his legs?


There are many complications of immobility. The case above was noticed ten day after brain surgery. It is called deep vein thrombosis ( DVT).

DVT can also happen when sitting for a long time, such as, driving or flying.



  1. Thank you for your question. Immobility of bedridden patients can have this complication. Physiotherapists or loved ones can move their limbs for them on the bed… and early detection while doing procedures for these patients or when doing doctors’ rounds, is vital.


  2. usfman says:

    Please offer a solution to this problem as you see it.

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  3. Christy B says:

    Thank you for sharing this medical insight! Wishing you a healthy, safe holiday season x

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  4. Amazing what healthcare workers do to ensure the safety and well being of their patients!

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    1. There is also a need for senior clinicians to supervise younger inexperienced healthcare staff to recognize these signs. Thanks for your comment! 🙏🙏🙏

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