Houses on tall tilts or float…

Houses on tall tilts or float…

For years, I read about flood, evacuation from homes, cleaning up post flood, families staying at allocated centres.

I wonder if architecture of houses should emulate the olden days when houses on tall tilts were built to avoid wild animals or enemies.


Houses on float that would adapt to rise or fall of water levels.

Innovation- House on float?
Fun- oblivions of danger during an impending flood
Houses in a flood


Flood are ‘acts of God,’ but flood losses are largely acts of man. –Gilbert_F_White




  1. usfman says:

    It’s odd how developing countries practice more innovative solutions to combat climate change than the U.S. I’m thinking of the hurricane tragedy of Florida West coast here for example.

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    1. Year in, year out, these natural disasters come. It is amazing how some innovative ones ride above these ‘problems’ that they face.

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  2. usfman says:

    Happy Holidays.

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  3. bg says:

    hi , your right re floating houses , the dutch and a few other countries do have them . i like your quote and ideas.

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    1. Yeah, I like the idea of floating houses in time of flood!

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  4. Ab says:

    It’ll be very scary to see how climate change and global warming impacts sea levels and homes over the next few decades. The countries that act now and take the threat seriously will fare the best when the time comes.

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    1. Some countries develop at the expense of other countries suffering from natural disasters.

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      1. Ab says:

        Yes, such is the way of the world unfortunately!

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