Fire drill… in darkness

Fire drill… in darkness

“… According to the travel expert, it is essential to “always count the number of doors to the exit stairwell”, Cici said on a recent TikTok video.

This is in case there is a fire and “it is too dark or smoky” for hotel guests to see where the exits are.”…


Have you ever participated in a fire drill with all the lights out?…in total darkness?

… something to think about!




  1. What an obvious idea, but I have never heard of it being done! I do check where the fire exit is, but hadn’t thought to count doors.

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    1. This idea is from an experienced air stewardess who traveled a lot.

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  2. equipsblog says:

    Fortunately, though I have never had to do that, this wonderful advice.

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    1. I have, personally, yet to see a fire drill conducted in total darkness.

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      1. equipsblog says:

        That could be chaotic.

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      2. On the contrary, the fire drills went on deceivingly, too well!

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  3. dennismantin says:

    Battery power lights are supposed to kick in…

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    1. Only on exit signages so that people can crawl toward the exit doors…( That is provided they work!).


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