If I would Be a Tree

If I were a tree,I could stand there still.I would sink deep into my roots andrest from the haste of life. I knowmy work is donebecause I was completely myself. I would know with intuitive certainty,I have grown, I have flowered and borne fruit.I would know about the big letting go before winter. I would […]

If I would Be a Tree


  1. ARBIND KUMAR says:

    Tree is in my soul . I love it more than I love my life . When it smiles , I smile . When it weeps , we all weep . Not wrong , if I say trees are our natural mother . Biological mother may be different , but our natural mothers are trees . Thanks !

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  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I love trees, and fortunately live close to places where they grow in abundance. Be well!

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  3. Ab says:

    When I stand in the early morning waiting for my bus to commute to work, there’s this one tree I always gaze at and just get lost in my thoughts in. The beauty and strength of nature around us are inspiring.

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