Raising a different ability…

Raising a different ability…

Watching this blind person

playing musical instruments

with such lovely voice,

I can’t help

but admire the patience

of his parents or guardians

for successfully, turning him into

such a beautifully abled person!




  1. Such a wonderful talent!

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    1. I hope more opportunity doors will open for him!

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  2. Ab says:

    He has a beautiful voice and being able to play the instruments despite his blindness is truly remarkable!

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    1. It is remarkable indeed! Reminds me of Steve Wonder who sings ‘I just called to say I love you…’

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  3. Thank you, Suma. That was what struck me most!


  4. Suma Reddy says:

    Just amazing not only the video, your write up and kind heart too. Soo heart touching ❤💛🧡 thanks for sharing.

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