It’s a sour, succulent Saturday ( SenryĆ«)

It’s a sour, succulent Saturday ( A SenryĆ«)

Dukung ( courtesy of Toh HL)

Lockdown continues,

my neighbour invites me,

to taste his ‘dukung’!


Another pic comes.

Even Eve wouldn’t resist,

these ‘forbidden’ fruits!


Tempted as I am.

No, no, wait till next season.

It’s sour this time!


by Toh HL, 24/7/2021

Balancing delicately between the two evils…

Balancing delicately between the two evils…

Photo by Jess Loiterton on

Lockdown is on!

Lockdown is off!

Not because it is safe now.

It’s to prevent the economy

from diving under!


Thousands throng the beach,

and camp near waterfalls,

while hospitals continue to battle virus

and vans with caskets lined up

near burial grounds.

Many shudder at the ignorance

“Are lives so insignificant?”


What will it take

for reality to sink-in

to convince them?

Or has a sense of hopelessness

breeds insensitivity

to block out fear and pain?


Safety and health

or economy?

It’s a delicate balancing act!


When lockdowns are off…

When lockdowns are off… (A Haiku)

photo of pod of dolphins
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on
When lockdowns are off... 
They will be at it again
discharge and pollute!

Spew greenhouse gases
more litters, draining sewers
Beings in sea choke!

ironically cleanses
the environment!

The lockdowns are an experience globally! We learned to do almost everything online;- shopping, schooling, working from home, and more readings. I think a number of restless ones like me have gone into blogging!

With the industries shutting down, the rivers and seas seem cleaner. Will the water pollution come back again?