Killing only two birds with one stone?

Killing only two birds with one stone? It challenges one to think if one can achieve more than the common idiom below.

Killing only two birds with one stone? (Lady sculpture by Chen SP.)

‘Killing two birds with one stone’ means achieving two things at the same time. But it doesn’t have to stop at two! For example:-

During the earlier phase of his mental illness, Anna Chen used to send Kenneth for pottery and clay-works. There were at least five ‘birds’ to kill with that one activity in mind. They are;-

  1. It was therapeutic, functionally, for Kenneth to wedge (or knead) and to create the clay pieces manually. He shaped bowls on the pottery wheel, He glazed the clay products. And of course, he would proudly look at his finished, fired, shiny, and at times, unevenly shaped products!
  2. Kenneth got to socialize and communicate with people, whom he rarely talked to. [And there was a non-verbal autistic girl. Occasional glances and gestures did the ‘talking’!]
  3. The activities kept him focused on the present moments. They were to dissuade him from thinking and talking to himself.
  4. Although it was a messy task supervising Kenneth in the clay works, it was their handy touches that mattered!
  5. Being an artist herself, Anna was also learning a new hobby! The sculpted lady [inset] is one of the results. This hobby brings Anna much joy.


Si-anak kecil itu

Google translated from English to Malay with minimal editing by author.

Cerita ini adalah mengenai sokongan dan penolakan masyarakat terhadap orang yang sakit jiwa. [Destigmatisation of mentally ill].