Breast cancer- a brave admission in art form

Breast cancer- a brave admission in art form (poem- a tercet)


I saw this picture in the pexel collection,
I admire her bravery in admission
against femininely- accepted definition.

The pose seems to be for art-form
many would think it was not so warm
to be received as a new norm.

Mastectomees-by-choice will not frown
at the new level, she has taken taboo to,
for they will approve, too, privately with their open gowns.

happy asian woman with scars after breast removal
Breast cancer- a brave admission (Photo by Michelle Leman on


I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy. I started with the breasts, as my risk of breast cancer is higher than my risk of ovarian cancer, and the surgery is more complex.- Angelina Jolie

“She hasn’t seen life yet!”

“She hasn’t seen life yet!”

Broken brick (Photo by Allan Mas on


Carmen was so miserable

about her new marriage life.

She would break down

and complained a lot

about her in- laws, her works,

and house works.


Her sister- in- law, Mary,

made a snide comment,

“So immature!

She hasn’t seen life yet!”


Having gone through

an early life dented and battered

by the ‘bricks’ of hard knocks,

had added years of maturity

to this young Mary!


Some older Chinese

would tell the young people,

“I have taken more salt

than you have, rice!”


Care beyond color, sex orientation, religion.

Care beyond color, sex orientation, religion.

This message came through my nurses’ group chat today. I am not a Christian, but I find this very true, indeed!

two person doing surgery inside room
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on

Here’s the English translation 
”Definition of “hospital” … by the Pope.


“Hospital walls have heard more honest prayers than churches …

They’ve seen far more sincere kisses and kisses than at airports …

It is at the hospital that you see a homophobic being saved by a gay doctor.

The “patricinha” doctor saving the life of a beggar …

In the ICU you see a Jew taking care of a racist …

A police patient and a prisoner in the same ward receiving the same care …

A rich patient in the liver transplant queue ready to receive the organ from a poor donor …

It is at these times when the hospital touches the wounds of people that universes intersect on purpose
divine and in this communion of destinies we realize that alone we are nobody!

The absolute truth of people, most of the time, only appears at the moment of pain or the real threat of definitive loss “

Hospital, a place where human beings strip off their masks and show themselves as they are in their true essences.


Envy is the root of all evil and it give birth to jealousy! It burns you from inside out. Do not get envy of others success. Be just as enthusiastic about the success of others As you are about get your own success. Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have […]


Insights from Famous Writers: Neil Gaiman

A pug on my mug

Pug (Photo by Fabru00edcio Lira on

A pug on my mug

Is this pup a pug?
as I looked at the picture
printed on my mug.

This is inspired by a story of a wrinkly pug ” The Pug.” while I was drinking my mug of cofee.


A snake joined in a meditation session

A snake joined in a meditation session

photo of monumental sculpture
Snake as a spiritual being (Photo by Spoortesh Honey on


In the silent hall
a snake coiled in the center
in meditation!

Horrified one saw
‘Don’t move, don’t move, least it ’
all still, not breathing!

Basket over it
a wooden plank under it
outside hall, released!


“Snakes are sometimes perceived as evil, but they are also perceived as medicine. If you look at an ambulance, there’s the two snakes on the side of the ambulance. The caduceus, or the staff of Hermes, there’s the two snakes going up it, which means that the venom can also be healing.” – Nicolas Cage

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.” – Gautama Buddha 


Artists in search of a canvas

Artists in search of a canvas

mural painting …

artists in search of

a canvas to show their skills

repaint over paint

Patriotic passed- by with their children leave their palm prints on trees…

This mural project

displays artistic skills

for a good cause…

a show of multi- ethnicity.

Adults with children, too,

leave their palm prints

as leaves on trees!



  1. “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ― Vincent Willem van Gogh
  2. Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is [a] painting that speaks. – Plutarch


Motherly Monday

Mother monkey and child

Motherly Monday

The baby clings to dear life

… till it swings away!


The child seeks independence by means of work, independence of body and mind  – Maria Montessori

It’s raining cats and dogs!

It’s raining cats and dogs!

person riding a bicycle during rainy day
Heavy rain (Photo by Genaro Servín on

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”Vivian Greene

I wonder if this depicts the current Covid-19 pandemic. Is it about learning how to live with it?


It is raining cats and dogs out there!
Remember to take your umbrella!
But then comes the wind
and inverts the brolly!
When the floods come,
washing bodies of cats and dogs.
Is that what the idiom means?


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