Those absent- please put up your hands!

please put up your hands! ( Fish sculpture on lid cover by ChenSP)

Those absent- please put up your hands!

… if you are present, would you agree on behalf of those who have left [past]? or for those who have yet to arrive [future]?

In presentism, present-day rules. Not the past, not the future.

Many names of roads during colonial times have been renamed to VIPs of today. That part of history and story about those locations is, therefore, lost.

‘Pa, you always say that during your time, you used to have ten cents daily pocket money! What can ten cents buy today?’

‘We used to manage these workloads with half the workforce! You don’t need extra staff!’ proposed a senior nurse manager. Yea, but today, we manage patients, machines, and lots and lots of defensive documentation! However, the future may be changed when we start to get more robots instead of nurses!

Don’t compare why things were done then, cannot be done now, and vice versa. Each period has its own weaknesses and strengths, and its own challenges. Yet the true challenge is when a veteran or baby boomer, used to chalk and blackboard, now has to meld into current technology and computer age!

One can’t help but to compare and contrast differences!