Gratitude is a basketful of vegetables!

Gratitude is a basketful of vegetables!
(a poem)

Here’s my basketful
with blessings and gratitude
for healing my wounds!

carrots and corn on brown woven basket
Gratitude is a basketful of vegetables (Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

A former student, Ms Paat S.L. narrated how she put stoma and wound care into practice when she went back to Sarawak. It was very satisfying to see her patients recovering and healing. Some patients’ relatives came from the far interior (in Borneo Island). They would bring a basketful of vegetables or fruits as a token of appreciation upon discharge!

Stoma and wound-care can be very challenging, yet rewarding, indeed!

I am glad she found the ‘ikigai’ in this new field as the first stomaltherapist in Sarawak!

She went on to train many other nurses in the Borneo Island.