“Why can’t my mother die in my arm?”

“Why can’t my mother die in my arm?”

This was an angry outburst from a doctor son. It was a devastating and heart-breaking voice recording forwarded in a social media chat group. He received a box of her mother’s ashes four days after her death from COVID-19.

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Being a semi-retired healthcare worker, I can see where he is coming from. ICU staff with PPEs ( personal protective equipments) work round the clock on COVID-19 patients. It is a possible option for closed ones to wear PPEs to be near their loved ones. Although, no healthcare institution would take this risk.

It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of the practise and other options.


A lady in ICU once instructed her loved ones to start chanting (Buddhist) during her final hour outside ICU. That was before COVID-19.

“A recorded prayers from close ones to be played next to ICU patients would be a good option, too!”

Hearing is thought to be the last sense to leave when a person Is unconscious or dying.

A final say; COVID-19 is indeed cruel to the last!