COVID-19: Desensitizing numbers

COVID-19: Desensitizing numbers

blue and yellow graph on stock market monitor
Numbed by numbers. (Photo by on

One case of Covid!

Beware, COVID-19’s here!

Careful, don’t go out!


Going on two years

Covid numbers kept climbing

Up-trend graphics show!


More daily numbers

What statistics, what numbers?

The figure’s blurring!


SOPs complied,

Yet the number kept rising

Soon, it is numbing.


Dual perspectives: Bringing hospital care to home.

Dual perspectives: Bringing hospital care to home. (Poem, poetry, Senryū)

crop doctor with stethoscope preparing for surgery in hospital
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Changing time changes 
Hospital versus home care
A time to reflect.

Both venues promise
presence of healthcare workers
and assessment tools.

Certain illnesses can be treated and cared for at home and community. In the light of COVID-19, would home-care be a better option?

Can’t see through an acrylic panel?

Can’t see through an acrylic panel?

Counter service (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

It was an amusing morning. I sat and watched the frontliners serving clients over the counter.

There were transparent acrylic panels in front of each staff. But, the clients have the tendency to move their heads to the side of the panel to talk to the staff!

An acrylic panel

Psychologically, it was like “I can’t see you!” or ” I can’t hear you!” through these panel! Luckily they were all wearing masks!

Frontliners at busy counters are like sitting ducks to potential virus carriers!


Covid-19 scares: Cough, Cough! Somebody’s coughing?

Covid-19 scares: Cough, Cough! Somebody’s coughing?

man people woman coffee
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Cough, cough!
Somebody's coughing!
Who's coughing?

Cough, cough!
I heard you coughing last night!
Any fever?

Cough, cough!
You didn't cover your mouth!
Now it's everywhere!!!

Cough, cough!
Tossing and gasping for air!
Is this ICU, or a nightmare?

With COVID-19,
Every cough or sneeze
seems so loud, so fatalistic!

The staff are exhausted.
The full ICUs are so real
yet they seem unreal!

When will this nightmare end?
Cough, cough!


Balancing delicately between the two evils…

Balancing delicately between the two evils…

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Lockdown is on!

Lockdown is off!

Not because it is safe now.

It’s to prevent the economy

from diving under!


Thousands throng the beach,

and camp near waterfalls,

while hospitals continue to battle virus

and vans with caskets lined up

near burial grounds.

Many shudder at the ignorance

“Are lives so insignificant?”


What will it take

for reality to sink-in

to convince them?

Or has a sense of hopelessness

breeds insensitivity

to block out fear and pain?


Safety and health

or economy?

It’s a delicate balancing act!


Will hope come a-hopping into 2022?

Will hope come a-hopping into 2022?

Hope (Photo by Aaron Burden on


Look up towards the sky

for rays of sunlight

for rays of hope


Go away, COVID-19

Go away rains and flood

will hope come a- hopping in

to give a new clean start

this 2022?


You don’t peel your potatoes twice

You don’t peel your potatoes twice

I like this African idiom. It means “Get it right the first time”.

photo of peeling of potatoes
Peeling potatoes (Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

Organizational and country leaders make decisions all the time. They should be well-advised by professional experts.

For example, a single Sri Petaling religious mass gathering was held from 27 February 2020 to 1 March 2020.  Some international delegates went back to their home countries with Covid-19, as well.

A state election ( September 2020) was staged in Sabah. It resulted in a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases which crescendoed throughout the country. This caused many deaths, followed by many lockdowns, and economic shutdowns. Increased joblessness, mental anguish and suicides are worrying, too.

They are indeed, expensive lessons to learn.

It is not easy to be country leaders. Their decisions hold huge responsibilities which have great implications on people’s livelihoods and lives.

Their decisions need to be a ‘get it right the first time’ quality!

Because… potatoes are not meant to be peeled twice!


COVID-19, new social and environmental phobias.

COVID-19, new social and environmental phobias.

elderly people slowly going up the stairs
Photo by RODNAE Productions on


Try not to use the lift;
confined space, poor ventilation!
Let walk up, it's healthier!😐

Try to avoid crowded area;
social distancing, 
let not go at peak hours!

Sigh, these people on the next table are talking so loud and non- stop!
(They took off their masks because they are supposed to be EATING!)
Let move to another table further away!
Avoid close contacts!


The daily COVID-19 number is not receding yet.

Subconsciously, I find that I am developing new phobias.


Writing on an almost-deserted Covid-19 morning

Writing on an almost-deserted Covid-19 morning

I hung the clothes at the balcony. My family had reminded me to take my daily dose of vitamin D. But the sun was just rising. And the street lights were still on. So I stood and watched on.

joyful asian woman near rope with painted fabrics
Hanging clothes (Photo by Teona Swift on

A lonely bus passed by. A lonely masked passenger slept against the window. She probably could not work from home.

I heard an approaching conversation blocked by the top of a tree. It seemed loud on a silent morning. Three men and a woman walked by leisurely as if they owned the whole width of the road! They skewered to the roadside at the sound of oncoming vehicle.

I was distracted by something darting about below. Two squirrels were chasing each other playfully around the pots of plants, while the morning birds criss-crossed up above. A lonely basketball stood at a corner of the garden, untouched for many moons already!

Where are the noisy school buses and the many parent- chauffeured school children? Where are the masked traffic-minders?

And I started to write on my mobile on this Covid-19 morning.


Covid-19 continues and the sky is crying.

Covid-19 continues and the sky is crying. (poem- a haiku)

thoughtful androgynous black woman standing near window at rainy day
the sky is crying (Photo by Klaus Nielsen on

I sit in my room
the sky thunders and rumbles
as rain lashes down.

Covid-19 news
updates global statistics
of fatalities.

The sky is crying
for the sudden departures
of many loved ones.