Blogging: I run my race

Blogging: I run my race

Blogging is like running 
but running a race? 
I paused, I sweated,
feet apart, panting, 
and watching others 
... forging ahead.

Jane Trombley wonders
about the paucity of 
baby-boomer bloggers
and her generation's 'voice'.

A counselor opines
that blogging feeds wellness!
Is blogging a new way of coping
for some?

Of course, 
many baby-boomer bloggers
have joined the run.
but, are they running
the same race,
the same pace,
for the same goals?

1. Baby Boomer Bloggers: Are you out there? - Jane Trombley
2. Blogging feeds wellness!- Beth Moore
3. "Coping through blogging..." - Petko D. et al.
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