Fascinating Saturday in the village

Fascinating Saturday in the village (a haiku)

woman in white t shirt holding brown and white bird
Urban kids saw fowls (Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com)

Urban kids saw fowls
Fascinating excitement!
‘Mum, chicken, chicken’!

They ran after them
sending furious wings flappings
in all directions

For kids who grow up in the cities and high-rise buildings, this is a sight to behold! Not at the birds, but the excited kids!

Free-Falling Heart Jolts

Bungee jumping kids can give many a parents heart jolts!

Free-Falling Heart Jolts

Rock climbing, scuba-diving, 
and now free-falling bungee jumps
as high as a nine-storey building!

These adrenaline-producing activities
may jolt many-a-parent's heart, many times!
All for the challenge of courage and excitements!

Have you felt such heart jolt before? I did!