A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan

Tembusu trees, Tg Tuan, Port Dickson – courtesy of Toh HL

A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan

Fortunately, Tanjung Tuan has been gazetted as a forest reserve since 1921 and as a wildlife sanctuary since 1971. We certainly hope this natural beauty would remain as a reserve and sanctuary for eternity for the public as well as for the flora and fauna. During most weekends and public holidays, this small sanctuary is swarmed with hundreds of hikers, a testimony of its attractions.

Sunrise in Tangjung Tuan, Port Dickson – courtesy of TohHL

The breath-taking beauty of the forest, boulders, beaches, cliffs and sea proves irresistible to most of us. Hikers come for exercise. But it’s normal for us to take photos of strange trees, fungi, unique rock formations. Also, on rare occasions we took our poses amongst rock pools and watched whirlpools while hiking.


This is a post by Toh HL. Coauthor, Toh HL is an avid cameraman. He used to teach physics. It’s much later I discover that he is a good writer too!