Decriminalize attempt suicide: Will it finally happen?

Decriminalize attempt suicide: Will it finally happen?

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Cabinet has finally agreed to decriminalise suicide.

Is it finally going to happen?


Decriminalizing attempted suicide

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Decriminalizing attempted suicide

Uncle Simon Wong was a loving grandfather.
When he was diagnosed with cancer of the colon,
His son and daughter admitted him to the hospital.
This diagnosis was a double blow during a time
when his business just suffered the recession then.

He took his own life before surgery.
A suicide like this happens at a time when
the mind is at its utmost fragility and vulnerability.

Recent reports that attempted suicides were dealt
with being handcuffed, fines and imprisonment.

While the police force deals with criminals
‘hammering the hard-core nails into its place’,
Such a hammer would only smash these delicate beings
to shreds, irretrievable.

Attempted suicide is a cry for help, not a crime!
The tool to use is not the ‘hammer’ of the police force,
but ‘gentle, compassionate hands
of the healthcare and social welfare experts!

– Chen Song Ping, 2021-


Some quotes on suicide prevention:-

  1. When you don’t have the strength to walk through the darkness. Reach for a hand.
  2. Your life is important to everyone around you.
  3. Even the strongest soldiers fall. Find the strength to get back up.