Fly with the wind!

Fly with the wind!

Depicting scene fly with the wind
Fly with the wind

Cancer took away her only child.

She has withdrawn to her room,

grieving with knees to her chest,

with a sense of impending doom.

Failed motherhood– in her mind.

Her family members persuade,

like pretty ribbons that bind,

with love and compassion conveyed.

Have a key to open your mind,

to release a kite into the sky,

no trees to be twinned,

up in the wind, it’s free to fly!

Being void of pain now,

liberates him… fly, fly freely.

The kite has a blue ribbon bow,

just like it was on his collar, really!

Those cows in the slaughterhouse,

anyone can see, as can a blind,

in those dishes in a coffee house,

reminds her heart to be kind.

Battling conscious against subconscious mind,

blaming with obligations and guilty conscience,

her vegetarian diets and daily meditations that bind,

with humility with reverence…

wishing that he eases into his new journey,

in this vow to her child, post-humously…

So, fly, fly with wind!

p/s: This poem offers a closure to the story ‘A White Lie- about an ostomy‘.

Mr Ponusamy’s kite coasted and fluttered in the sky freely, too, soothing those in need below, in the last few months of his life.

– Serena Chen S.P. @ TPTan –

27 October , 2020