Son, you have two machine guns…

Son, you have two machine guns…

After reading the daily news, Mary looked serious. She called her son to sit down with her.

“Son, you have two machine guns. The first is your car 1.8CC. When you drive to college. Be careful and don’t speed!”

Mary showed him the front page of the daily news. “See? This young man plowed his car into a group of seven people at a bus stop! A car can be like a machine gun if not used carefully!”

Her son nodded. He just came back from college looking tired.

“The next machine gun I have always wanted to talk to you about is this. Don’t you go around shooting wild oats to any girl in college except the one who will bring me, my grandchildren!”

A quiet person, he nodded again and went into his room.

“Sis, such a crude way to tell about the birds and the bees to your son!” Mary’s sister remarked.

“Sigh! I wish my husband would do this job instead of me!” Mary went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

So, have you spoken to your kids about the birds and the bees?”

I think the ‘Youtube university’ may have already done it!

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Learning about the birds and the bees online? (Photo by Marta Wave on