Changing others, changing self!


Today, I read this with mixed feelings:

“Be wary of people who constantly keep an eye on what

you’re doing but don’t compliment or support you.”

Dhar Mann –


Have you ever felt this way at work, at home, or in your social circle?

Do you feel unappreciated by your boss, your spouse, or your friends?


But Nicky Gumble says,

“You can’t change how people treat you or what they

say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.”

I am sure there are many authors who say about the same things above, too.

It is true, but we cannot change others.

So, many thanks to the many who support me!


Serena Chen S.P. @ TPTan,

31 October 2020

Blogging: Viewership supporters

Blogging: Viewership supporters

Stats till August 2021

My viewership

comprises a handful of

staunch likathoners.

They are probably trying to help me

I am sorry

I was not able

to return them as much

though I do enjoy

your posts and your recipes.

But thanks to you

all the same!