Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

I am not proud to write this post.

When friends called for help; 
that their loved ones 
were discharged from hospitals 
with a pressure ulcer...

" My mum is bedridden.
Please keep her dry and turn regularly.
... to prevent her skin from breaking down."

"This is too demanding, impossible;
... cos we're short-staffed!"

What is right is not always popularly done.

Yet, some hospitals are able to maintain a zero pressure-ulcer rate
among their bedridden clients.

"I have been in a wheelchair since five years ago
and I don't have any pressure ulcer on my butt.
Know what?
The therapist showed me a picture- 
an ugly pressure ulcer!!!
I work hard not to develop one!"

"We took turns to look after 
our mum in hospital.
Changing her when she is soiled, 
turning her regularly 
with the help of the staff."

What is popularly done, is not always right.

Some unfortunately, 
did develop pressure ulcers 
during their stay in a hospital. 
 Prevention of pressure ulcers 
is a multidisciplinary responsibility 
(Physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, nurses), 
although nurses play a significant role. 

Do you agree that the family members and carers should have a role in pressure ulcer prevention too?

"A pressure ulcer should not be allowed to develop in the first place. 
Cos it would take another long journey to healing that 'wound'!"





我不为写这篇文章感到自豪。 当朋友们寻求帮助时; 他们的亲人 从医院出院 患有压疮…

“我妈妈卧床不起。 请保持她的干燥并定期转身。 …让她的皮肤崩溃。” “这太苛刻了,不可能; ……因为我们人手不足!” 正确的事情并非总是会被普遍采用。 但是,有些医院能够维持零压疮率 在他们卧床不起的客户中。

“自五年前以来,我一直坐在轮椅上 而且我的臀部没有任何溃疡。 知道什么? 治疗师给我看了一张照片- 一个丑陋的压疮!!! 我努力不发展一个!”

“我们轮流照顾 我们妈妈在医院。 当她被弄脏时要改变她, 经常转动她 在工作人员的帮助下。”

普遍做的事情并不总是正确的。 不幸的是, 确实发展了压疮 在他们住院期间。 预防压疮 是多学科的责任 (医师,理疗师,营养师,护士), 尽管护士扮演着重要的角色。


发言人说:「首先不应让压力性溃疡发展。 因为要治愈这个 “伤口”还需要漫长的旅程!” …以防止她的皮肤崩溃。”

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