Leadership matters… for the sake of our future generations

This message was forwarded to me through social media. I can’t help agreeing that leadership matters…. at least for the sake of a country and our future generations!

Leadership matters…


Singapore has chosen its 4th PM.
After 4 years of strict, tedious filtering & performance index review applied on 4 outstanding candidates. Finally, Mr. Lawrence Wong was chosen to take the responsibility as the 4th PM Singapore.

Mr.Wong a Double Degree & PhD holder from Harvard University in Economics was selected after he received the highest score in Character, Perfomance, Integrity, Quality & job KPI.

Mr. Lawrence Wong scored ZERO in ; Failures, Defaults, Accuses, Warnings or Penalty on criterias as follows;

Example of some KPI…

  1. Public Complaints.
  2. Police Traffic Summons.
  3. Public Summon.
  4. Racial hatred Statements.
  5. Corruption / Bribery.
  6. Legal Court cases.
  7. Tax fraudulent.
  8. Public Votes.
  9. Physical fitness.
  10. Personal Life.
  11. Abuse of Power.
  12. FBI, CIA, Interpol checks.
  13. World Leaders popularity.
  14. Political Achievements.
  15. Public or Media speech.

In an official statement current PM Lee has already started handing over duties & soon to vacate his position as Prime Minister.

Currently Singapore is Ranked a Developed Country / Nation with Excellent GDP plus Gold reserve of over 3 Trillion Dollars. All achieved with just 3 Prime Ministers Performances since breaking away from Malaysia


Lawrence is originally from Ipoh Malaysia
Migrate to Singapore and now a Singaporean

Malaysia lost another talented person.



  1. Yaksh singh says:

    Nice thoughts bro! Just too good☺💞👍

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  2. Thank you Joanna. Under our new prime minister’s leadership, things will look brighter for the nation and future generations!


  3. gabychops says:

    Thank you for publishing such an important post. I can now fully understand
    why this country is so successful, and I wholly agree with the rules. for PM.

    Liked by 2 people

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